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When BSSO representatives come to your school to present our CEE initiative this is generally how the assembly will go. We are flexible on time and can shorten or lengthen the presentation. If the assembly is approximately one hour long this is the suggested timeline:

The two speakers would speak for 5 minutes each about why they chose a career in healthcare, what they do in their profession, what education they received, and what the average pay is for that field. Additionally, they would be available to answer questions towards the end of the assembly.


The program:

10:00 - 10:15:  BSSO representative introduces the program, speakers, and welcomes the first speaker.

10:15 -  10:25: Speaker 1 and questions.

10:25 - 10:35: Speaker 2 and questions.

10:35 - 10:40: BSSO representative will talk about scholarship opportunities for college and healthcare education.

10:40 - 10:45: Questions 

10:45 - 11:00:  Hand out Goody Bags that have information about the programs, swag, and healthy treat. 

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