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Sometimes a person or a family doesn't need us to raise money, but they desperately need someone to help them do things they can't,  or support their cause, or just spend time with them.

  • Visit Nursing Homes

  • Help elderly move into nursing homes.

  • Support Paralympic Athletes

  • Street Light USA - cleaned offices and yards -they  support kids who have been child trafficked

  • Clean someone's yard

BSSO nursing home.jpg
human trafficiking.jpg


Sometimes we learned that local charities needed our help. So we had car washes, or yard sales, or bake sales to raise money for them.  We even entered into races to support their causes.

  • Ran together to support Race Against Trafficking 5k

  • Child Crisis Center - raised money and then bought needed toys

  • Generation Justice - video game tournament to raise money for them

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