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Start Your Own BSSO Club Today!


Talk to your friends and start a neighborhood group!

  • For anyone under 18 years old!

  • Find a place to meet 

    • (ex. rotate homes)​

  • Communication:

    • Text stream

    • WhatsApp

    • GroupMe

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • Own Website

  • Set a date for your first meeting!

  • Decide who will be the moderator.

  • At your first meeting elect:

    • President

    • Vice President

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer



  1. Find a teacher to sponsor the club.

  2. Get members

    1. Talk to your friends

    2. Make posters about BSSO

  3. Start a text stream, social media feed, or WhatsApp/GroupMe group to let people know about the meetings and updates.

  4. You can start your own Facebook page, Instagram account or social media page

  • Set a date for your first meeting

  • Decide who will be the first moderator.

  • At your first meeting, elect:

    • President

    • Vice President

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer

  • Make sure to rotate moterators every meeting!


  • Before

    • Set a date 

    • Pick a moderator 

      • New moderator each meeting

    • Get a white board

  • During (moderator driven)

    • Welcome everyone

    • (Ensure secretary takes notes!)

    • Ask to raise their hands if they know of anyone who needs help or if they have a service idea

      • Moderator will write each idea down on the white board.

      • Take a vote on all the ideas until one idea is selected.

    • Brainstorm ideas on how to help that familiy or service project.

      • Take vote again 

    • Assign tasks 

      • ex:"Rebecca is leading the bake sale and Tommy and Jill will help her"

      • ex:"John will call 10 companies to see if they will sponsor our event or donate raffle items".

    • Set the next meeting time.

  • After

    • Secretary sends out an email or posts a picture of the meeting notes on social media

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